Medical Grade Air Disinfection


In Room Air Disinfection and Ultraviolet Air Treatment

ABV Process ABV Process

*Van Doremalen, Bushmaker, et al. Aerosols and Surface stability of HCoV-19 (SARS-CoV-6 2) compared to SARS-CoV-1. National Institute of Health.
**Elimination of Aerosolized Virus in Single-Pass Testing using Aerobiotix Ultraviolet Air Handling System


The Aerocure 200 utilizes a Shielded Internal Germicidal UVC System: The system uses two 16-watt bulbs to eliminate all germs, viruses, bacterias, etc. through its UV-C technology It’s patented photolytic chamber contains several hundred tubular units, which are made from a unique proprietary material which allows UV rays to pass, but not germs.

In its inception, this device was used as hospital and operating room disinfection systems. It has been clinically validated at Cleveland Clinic Medical Centre and is the ONLY technology that has been directly tested against airborne COVID-19 cells as well as other bacteria, spores and viruses and can kill these cells in a SINGLE pass.


Aerocure 200 Airflow

Pre-filter Cartridge

  • Width 12 in (305mm) x 9.5 in (241 mm) x 1 in (25.4 mm)
  • Filter Media – MERV 11
    • Clear plastic pull tab in the centre of the cartridge
  • Multi-layers technology including MERV 11 filter media / Activated Carbon / Copper Mesh

Patented UVC (C-UVC) Technology
Ultraviolet reactor suspending biologicals such as virus, bacteria and spores (including COVID-19) that are slowed down and agitated while being irradiated, prolonging exposure time to maximize kill rate.

HEPA Filter

  • 99.97% HEPA Filtration Efficiency
  • Width (12” x 12” x 6”)

Illuvia inside

How the Aerocure 200 Works and Airflow

Performance & Product Details

The AeroCure 200 is designed for use in spaces 400+ sq. ft.: Classrooms, activity rooms, offices, long-term care homes and medical settings.

  • Prefilter cartridge captures larger “debris” and helps to trap odors
  • Medical-grade HEPA filtration removes finer particulates
  • In a 725 sq. ft. room with 8 ft ceilings, the air in the room is disinfected 36 – 48 times per day
  • Supplements current HVAC system and limited ventilation areas
  • Portable with durable casters, can be moved to high traffic areas easily
  • Quiet, continuous operation
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